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This page attempts to list just some of our beneficiaries and the many worthwhile acts which the HOD carries out.


  • Beit Halochem (Built an indoor swimming pool to rehabilitate servicemenwho had lost limbs.)
  • Magen David Adom (Donation of Ambulance)
  • Beit Zimmerman Senior Citizens Home.
  • Beit Issie Shapiro(Home for handicapped children)
  • Maon Institute for handicapped adults.
  • Kadimah School for mentally retarded children


Any input from Australian Brethren here would be appreciated


  • JAMI (jewish mentally ill).
  • Jewish Deaf.
  • Jewish Aids Trust.
  • Jewish Day Schools
  • Dysautonomia.
  • The Starlight Children's Foundation.
  • Jewish Free School
  • Beit Issie SHapiro in Israel.
  • Larches:- A trust fund for placing handicapped people into their own homes from institutions.


  • Bremen Home for the Aged
  • Jewish General Assembly (a body which co-ordinates all fund raising efforts on behalf of American Jewry).


  • Sandringham Gardens(Senior Citizens Home)
  • Our Parents Home(Senior Citizens Home).
  • Selwyn Segal Hostel (for the Handicapped).
  • Red Cross.
  • Child Abuse.
  • Headways (Post accident head injury trauma).
  • Police widows and Orphans Fund.
  • Cancer Association.
  • Reach for a Dream.
  • Glendale(home for the mentally handicapped)
  • Forest Farm and Forest Haven(Cerebral Palsy project ongoing for 27 years).
  • Kosher Mobile Meals on Wheels.
  • Chevra Kadisha.
  • Arcadia Jewish Children's Home.
  • Alexandra Clinic
  • Chesterfield Nursery School.
  • Beth Shalom (Senior Citizen Home- Durban)
  • JAFFA(Senior citizen Home Pretoria)
  • Holocaust Memorial- East London.
  • The Dave Wacks Educational Fund.
  • Rietfontein School.
  • IUA.
  • Senior Citizen Outings (including people of all races who are given refreshments and entertainment on a regular basis).
  • Under-privileged children (over 300 entertained, fed and given toys and clothing).
  • Alexandra Fire and Flood disaster victims (over 300 families were assisted with blankets, food, toiletries, etc.).
  • Purchase of Dialysis Machine.
  • Donation of wheelchairs
  • Donation for treatment of children suffering from Gaucher's disease.
  • Guide Dogs and Tape Aids for the Blind .
  • Establishment of Libraries in Alexandra Township, Jaffa, and JL Landau Library.
  • Operation Hunger