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Lodge No 5- Pretoria
This came about by the amalgamation of two Lodges in Pretoria in 1982, namely the Otto Warburg Lodge and Lodge Masada.The Otto Warburg Lodge was officially opened on 21st June 1914.Lodge Masada was consecrated in 1969, as a result of  the large number of young Jews taking their place in Jewish communal activities in Pretoria.
In 1982 however, because both Lodges were facing leadership and manpower problems, it was felt that the interests of the Order would be better served by the amalgamation of the two Lodges in Pretoria.
Lodge Golan - Cape Town
Consecrated 1974
With the successful launching of Lodge Kinneret in Cape Town, enthusiasm grew and it was decided to establish a second Lodge to be known as Lodge Golan.The Lodge was consecrated on 31st March 1974

Lodge Menorah - Port Elizabeth

Consecrated 1972.

Following upon the phenomenal success achieved in the establishment of new Lodges since 1965, it was decided to establish a second Lodge in the Friendly City to be known as Lodge Menorah.

About 200 delegates from 29 Lodges in all parts of the Republic converged on the "friendly city", for the consecration.


Lodge Jaffa - Durban
Consecrated 1968
Rev Chaim Katz Lodge no 25 - East London
Consecrated 1968