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Sir Harry Graumann Lodge- Benoni
Consecrated 1911
The Sir Harry Graumann Lodge, Benoni, was formed in 1911 and only the Dr Herzl Lodge and the Max Langermann Lodge can claim a longer history.The formation of the Lodge in Benoni was inspired and provisionally established by four very ardent zealous workers.They were the late Wor Bros Louis Faiga, Hymie Potash, Maurice Ostrofsky and Willie Sheinbaum
Lodge Negev No 38 -Sandton
Consecrated in 1974
A lodge in the new town from Sandton was established in 1974, through the intiative of the Late Bro Jack Stoch and Wor Bro Con Travis.
Early in 1974, Bro Jack Stoch had moved to Sandton, that had only recently been granted municipal status.Previously it was only in the peri urban area, and because it enjoyed the country environment of large estates, horses and polo, it came to be known as the "Mink and Manure" community.The Lodge received its nameas it associated itself with Israel and with the wide open spaces of the Negev and the great potential for development of the Order in the new town
Dr Herzl Lodge No 1
Founded in Johannesburg in 1904
The history of the Dr Herzl Lodge No 1 is inextricably bound up with the history of the Hebrew Order of David.
Being the "Mother Lodge of the Order", it was responsible for the development of the early Lodges of the Order, and for the formation of the Grand Lodge in 1932.It was the fountain from which all the earlier Lodges sprang.
Being affiliated to the Hebrew Order of Druids in London, it was known as Lodge No 19.It was only in 1910, when the South African branch became independent from its London counterpart, that it became Dr Herzl Lodge No 1.
Lodge Jerusalem- Johannesburg
Consecrated 1968
In the euphoria following the liberation of Jerusalem in the Six-Day War, Wor Brethren David Wacks and Alec Silber suggested that a Lodge be established to cater for Jewish men living in the Glenhazel area of Johannesburg.
Within a short time, a steering committee was set up, and set about enrolling more than 70 members to form the fledgling Lodge, the 32nd of the Order.
On Sunday, 24th March 1968, Lodge Jerusalem was consecrated.The event was attended by 600 brethren from all over South Africa.
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